Learning Notes and Scales

Lately I have been taking 30 minutes three times a week to transcribe my old journals. I just set the timer on my phone go at it. I put the journal against the screen. I do this for two reasons: 1) I see it better. 2) I can’t see the mistakes that i am making typing. My only concern is getting the hand written on the screen. What they become after that is undetermined. Transcribing can be more just a transfer of information. It was a powerful tool to become a better writer. It can teach the scribe the rhythms of a piece. Hunter S. Thompson typed The Great Gatsby just get a sense of a great novel. Transcribing slows us down enough to stop and notice what is being written. It can introduce us as scribe to new ways of saying something. It can also be a wonderful place to “jump off” into one’s own work (a la Finding Forester).  I believe that transcription is key to creativity.The key to transcription is the same as writing. Musicians don’t begin by composing music. They learn notes and scales first them play the works of others. It is only then they compose. As a writer, one should be writing the lines that they love and admire. This is a way to learn the way that words are linked. 


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