Limit to Grow

“The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest, and therefore, when most was required of imagination in order to build at all.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Limitations are everywhere. We often see them as negative. The word can something substituted by disability or a problem. In truth, limitations are the thing that make things work and even make things better. 

Many of us wish for a day that is completely ours. In truth, we are saying that we want a day that we set the limitations. What time we get. How we spend our time. What level interaction we have with the world. And as much as this dream day appeals to us and is needed once in awhile. We don’t grow from days like this.

I once read a book about Psalm 23, which the chapter of the Bible that begins, “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want…” In this book, the author looks at the piece through the eyes of a shepherd. One thing that he mentions is that the shepherd leads his sheep in the lush valley to feed. Vegetation does not grow well on the top of mountains, so the sheep will need the strength and food from the valley to climb. We often have a negative view the term valley. It is seen as low point: the farthest distance from the mountain top. 

Limitations, be it from a boss, client, or even just lack of time, can feel like valleys. We want the time and work that make us feel like be on top of the mountain, but we must feed on the limitations and get stronger. 

A few weeks ago, I told my wife that I wish that take the discipline that I had to learn by going to graduate school while having a job and raising two boys and go back in time to reclaim those days, months, and years that I misused. Obviously I could not. All that time suffered from little limitation on my time, and growth only came from limitations. 

Limitations come in many forms, but they are not what should stop us. They are there to help us grow. Remember the shepherd didn’t just happened upon the valley or was forced to go the valley by circumstances. He led his sheep through the valley in order to be successful.

Question: Where can I limit myself in order to grow?


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