The Goal Not the Role

I am blessed to have my first summer completely off since my oldest wasn’t even one, which is five years ago. Between workshops and working on my Masters and teaching summer school, there was always something. I looked forward to this summer for lots of reading and writing. While I have done a good bit of reading and some writing, I still struggle for my role of being a full time “Mr. Mom” during the day and even some nights (as my wife works full time and is getting her Masters as well). 

I was reading a John Maxwell daily devotion book, and he wrote about the goal of an organization and not just your role in it. My wife and I’s goals are to raise great children and love each other. This is my goal for the summer (and beyond). I have to focus on the goals and not just the role. I often get jealous of wife’s chance to leave and go to work. That seems crazy since the boys and I go swimming most days and they normally take two to three hour naps in the afternoon, but the drudgery of the everyday can wear on me. Washing dishes and clothes. Picking the house. 

Yes, I want more time to myself, but I need to use my time better. Yes, my boys need my attention, but I can use it learn to focus on others and be present. Being present is probably one of the greatest lesson that I can learn this summer. It teaches my boys that I care about them. It forces me to let go of what I think I should be doing and focus on what I am doing. It can also bleeds into my writing and other areas. I am one person and each decision that I makes me into who I am. I can decide to focus on my role as “Mr. Mom” and not “Mr. Writer,” or I can focus on my goal not just as a father but as a writer: to be present in the moment.


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